Request for Education Presentations / Trainings

Choose type of education presentation / training requested:

  • Provides a detailed overview of the IPN program, services and benefits to nurses. Describe the scope of the problem of impaired nursing and define the disease of addiction. Compare/Contrast the roles of IPN and the BON. Brief overview of the Nurse Practice Act and professional responsibilities. Identify common indicators of impaired practice. Review essential components of an intervention process. Describe IPN entry and monitoring. Q&A Session. Available as Live Session or Live Online Webinar.
  • Provides a detailed overview of the IPN program, services and benefits to nurses. Assist nurses, managers, supervisors, etc. in identifying signs of workplace impairment and how to documents facts. Discuss employer initiatives to promote safety and provide assistance. Discuss the legal and ethical responsibilities of nurses based on the Florida Mandatory Reporting Law, Section 464.018. Provides/Meets Florida’s requirement for 2-hour Mandatory Training “Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace” due upon bi-annual license renewal (64B9-5.014) Q&A Session. Available as Live session or Live Online Webinar
  • 4 Hour; minimum 9/maximum 25 attendees. Hands-on workshop for nurse managers/supervisors, HR personnel, risk managers. How to recognize impairment in the workplace; document facts; enforce company substance use policies; conduct an intervention; reduce risks to patient safety; monitor nurses in Impaired Practitioner Program. (does not meet 2hr mandatory Impairment in the Workplace requirement)
  • Live Presentations only. Webinars: facility must be able to download and connect to Zoom from the following website:
  • Once we have received the above information you will be contacted regarding availability.

If you have any questions please contact:
Pam Livingston at or 1-800-840-2720 ext 123.

The mission of IPN is to ensure public health and safety by providing education, monitoring, and support to nurses in the State of Florida