Request for Education Presentations / Trainings

Choose type of education presentation / training requested:

  • Meets Florida's new requirement (64B9-5.014)
  • Overview of the IPN program, services and benefits to nurses. How to recognize impairment; Q&A session. (does not meet 2hr mandatory Impairment in the Workplace requirement)
  • 4 Hour CE; minimum 9/maximum 25 attendees. Hands-on workshop for nurse managers/supervisors, HR personnel, risk managers. How to recognize impairment in the workplace; document facts; enforce company substance use policies; conduct an intervention; reduce risks to patient safety; monitor nurses in Impaired Practitioner Program. (does not meet 2hr mandatory Impairment in the Workplace requirement)
  • Live Presentations only. Webinars: facility must be able to download and connect to Zoom from the following website:
  • Are you able to provide attendees with Continuing Education Credit for the training?
  • Once we have received the above information you will be contacted regarding availability.

If you have any questions please contact:
Pam Livingston at or 1-800-840-2720 ext 123.

The mission of IPN is to ensure public health and safety by providing education, monitoring, and support to nurses in the State of Florida