IPN Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Fax number to IPN? 


  • What is the mailing address? 

    P.O. Box 49130
    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240-9130

  • How do I access the CE Broker CEUs?

    When you are on the homepage of the IPN website (www.ipnfl.org), click on Participant Information link on the left side of the home page. Once you are on the participant information page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the CE Recovery Modules link which will take you to the designated survey/post test. Each month IPN will place a new post test online for you to take. Once you have taken the post test and receive a passing score credit will be applied to your license through Cebroker.com. You may contact Cebroker.com directly for a list of continuing education credits applied to your license.

  • How do I know if IPN received my report?

    You are able to check the status of your reports on the Affinity website. When you are on your home screen, click on documentation then select reports. On the reports page, you will see “available” report (not received report) and “submitted” report (received reports). Please allow up to 24 hours for our system to update.

  • Do I still have to check-in on holidays?

    Yes, check-in is required Monday-Friday including all holidays.

  • My Supervisor has not received the link/access code for my upcoming work performance evaluation, what do I need to do?

    Emails are sent to all employers during the month prior to your report being due. If you have provided an email address for your supervisor and they have not yet received an email containing the information for your next online report, please have them check their junk/spam email for a “no-reply” message from Affinity. Some facilities may have a block in place on certain emails. If needed, your employer can submit the paper form of the report.

  • I have informed IPN my report(s) is going to be late, but I continue to receive notices regarding the report(s), what can I do?

    The notices/message are auto-populated to send each quarter if you are missing any reports, whether you inform IPN or not. If there are any discrepancies (i.e. you receive a notice for double reports or a notice for an employment report and you are not currently working), please send your Case Manager a message informing them of these discrepancies.

  • When does my employer/supervisor receive the email for my quarterly reports?

    Your supervisor will receive an email 15 days prior to each quarter. The email will be from an Affinity email address, and the subject will be “Employer Report – Third Party Report Access for Affinity eHealth”. If your supervisor can not locate the email please have your supervisor check their junk/spam section as well. If the email has been deleted or not received, you may send in a paper copy of your report.

  • How do I upload a document to an Affinity message?

    Log into your Affinity eHealth account and click on the orange plus next to Message. Click on the attach files in the message. Click on your document you want to upload and select open. Then click submit.

  • How do I access an uploaded document in an Affinity message?

    Click on the message. Once you have the message open you will see a document attached under the subject. Then, click on the document to download.

  • I am having trouble adding my information to the Meeting Attendance Log. Can you please provide me with instructions?

    Log into your Affinity eHealth account to input meetings in your attendance log go to documentation and click on attendance. Click on the correct report on the left hand side then click add meeting. A new box will appear, select the date and location then click save. Continue this process until all meetings have been logged, then hit submit to send it to us. If you would like to work on the meeting log as you go rather than input everything all at once, follow the same process. At the end of the quarter return to the attendance page and click submit.

The mission of IPN is to ensure public health and safety by providing education, monitoring, and support to nurses in the State of Florida