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December 2020

Post Test 4 — The Twelve Steps


  1. To be able to understand the history of the Twelve Steps and Alcoholics Anonymous
  2. To identify the principles behind each step
  3. To recognize how the 12-Steps support recovery

You must score a 70% or above on the posttest to receive a continuing education credit


January 2021

Post Test 5 — Sponsorship


  1. To define the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of sponsorship
  2. To understand how to seek and choose an effective sponsor
  3. To maximize the strength of sponsorship in the recovery process


  • Dr. John Tanner, DO, DipABAM, FASAM, CCFC

    » Medical Review Officer

    Who Should Watch:

    • Participants
    • Facilitators
    • Co-Facilitators

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