Allison Strong Project Manager 116
Brandy Klimack, BS Intake Case Manager Assistant 136
Candy Strickland Case Manager Assistant 113
Casey Linn, BA, CMHP Case Manager 139
Char-lee Hastings Case Manager Assistant 119
Christina Morenus Intake Case Manager Assistant 134
Deanna Schmelz, RN, BSN Case Manager 121
Elizabeth Tuerk, MA, LMHC Clinical Coordinator 124
Erica Gumbayan Office Manager 138
Jeanne King, MS, BS Intake Case Manager 117
Jodie Sanders, BA Intake Case Manager 125
Kellianne OBrien, BS, RN Case Manager 141
TBD Case Manager Assistant 112
Lorrie Barry Office Assistant 137
Mary Oswalt Toxicology Coordinator 130
Mikiantha Francis, RN, BSN, MS Case Manager 114
Miranda Bullington, BS, CCHW Case Manager 140
Pamela Livingston Executive Assistant 123
Patrice Ward, BA, CMHP Senior Case Manager 110
Sandra Hudson, RN, BSN Clinical Consultant 144
Teresa Pannell Office Assistant 137

The mission of IPN is to ensure public health and safety by providing education, monitoring, and support to nurses in the State of Florida